Development of energy-sufficient information terminal is completed!

Our new outdoor terminal "i-line shine" - Green tech made in Austria

Aften one year of intensive development we proudly present the first self-suffient outdoor terminal worldwide!

Thanks to the support of Lower Austria Economic and Tourism Fund, which regarded our project with self-suffient power as eligible for funding, and has taken over a part of the development costs, we were able to realize this project.

The autarkic power supply results out of a mono-crystalline sole module which is integrated on the roof. A powerful battery bypasses nighttime hours and bad weather. The body of the terminal is made of durable steel, the surface is primed and powder coated.

An important component on the path to the whole solution was a computer system with minimal energy consumption.
Specifically for this application we developed a high-quality housing with extruded aluminum profiles and electrolytic copper heatpipes.
With this technique, the used industrial board with Intel Atom processor is cooled passively in a wide temerature range and does not use more than 10-18 watts!

In order to maintain operation, even in case of bad weather and at night, we placed a "Power Management Module" next to the powerful lead storage battery. This nexly advanced module continuously controls the battery voltage, temperature and even mechanical influence on the terminal. Using these data, the power balance of all active components is controlled and optimized.

Accessibility: an additional feature is the variable height adjustment of the entire operating unit, whereby the terminal is also useable for people in wheelchairs.

Best image quality guarantees a 19-inch high-brightness LED display. This and also the touchscreen is integrated protected in the terminal behind a safety glas window. To save energy also in area of the screen, the brightness is automatically controlled by light sensor.

The software contents are saved either locally or via GSM/UMTS wirelessly connected to the internet.

Tech infos:

  • Weight: 264kg (including 65 kg battery)
  • Operating temerature range: -25°C to 45°C
  • Max. dimentions (BxHxL): 100x280x138cm
  • Dimentions base surface (BxL) 60x50
  • Hight adjustment: screen center 118-154cm
  • Battery: 12V lead gel
  • Photovoltaic module: monocrystalline, 225W Pmax
  • Display: brightness 1.600cd/m² (LED), 19-inch
  • Computer: Intel Atom 1,6GHz, 60 GB HDD, 2 GB RAM
  • Software: Windows 7, Sitekiosk and remote maintencance software

Development of energy-sufficient information terminal is completed!
Development of energy-sufficient information terminal is completed!