"Enthusiastic and Convinced Infotainment"

Years of experience in the development and manufacture of digital information systems.
Especiall in public areas and outdoor applications, high demands on reliability in operation are made. You benefit from our years of experience and technical "know-how".
To ensure the reliability of the electronics in any weather, we optimize and test our products in our own climatic chamber.

You have an idea, we put it into practice.
Design and recognition are becoming increasingly important. Our Displays will be integrated ergonomically an aesthetically into the appropriate housing. We put your "Corporate Identity" in scene. Smaller quantities at low cost.

Take advantage of our network of proven hardware manufacturers. 
Due to our many years of experience and good business relationships with our qualified and reliable suppliers, we offer a wide range of touch screen hardware. The price advantage of direct imports and larger quantities will be passed on to you.

Everything from a single source. We provide "plug-in" solutions.
For complex requirements such as in self-service machines, it is an advantage to have a contact.
We cover this entire area from: 3D design, housing production, installation of all components, electrical wiring, software installation, final quality test as well es the rollout.

Over 1,000 items on stock.
In order to react quickly, we store a variety of our products directly at our location in Pitten (AT). Thus, it is guaranteed to produce customized touch screen Displays on demand and also to have replacement parts available as soon as possible.

Our strenghts start, where standard solutions stop.
In harsh industrial envirionments computer hardware is particularly stressed.
Our products such as fanless PCs or waterproof touch solutions for 24/7 operation keep these thouch requirements state.


Positive customer feedback confirms us in our work:

sehr geehrter herr unger,
ich möchte mich namens des AMS Österreich, aber auch in meinem namen, für die professionelle, nette und unkomplizierte zusammenarbeit recht herzlich bedanken.
es war sicherlich nicht immer leicht für sie, auf unsere wünsche, vorstellungen und anforderungen einzugehen bzw. diese umzusetzen. sie haben uns dies nie gezeigt und mit ihrem starken persönlichen einsatz und ihrem know how bravourösgemeistert. das arbeitsleben wäre um vieles einfacher und angenehmer, gäbe es mehr solcher firmen und handelnder personen. nochmals recht herzlichen dank.

auf eine weiterhin hervorragende zusammenarbeit.

mit freundlichen grüssen

Ernst K.
AMS Oesterreich


The Arbeitsmarktservice has since 2008 more than 300 Infotronik-Infoterminals throughout Austria in the AMS offices in use. The robust devices offer the possibility of a rapid and straightforward search for job vacancies.

Our Service

  • A rapid and responsive handling of your requests and orders. - Which is natural for us.
  • Solution-oriented, creative thinking, the use of the latest technologies and expert implementation of your requirements.
  • Service orientation & partnership: we are there for you. Not ony at the beginning, as well as when it comes to handle special challanges. 

Contact us for more information: we find the optimal solution for your concern.